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We were very happy to work with Eric of Elite3 Team. We met Eric at an open house in the neighborhood in which we were interested. Eric and his team ensured that the entire process was relatively stress free and proved responsive and knowledgeable. Whether touring houses or discussing negotiations, Eric listened first and then offered insight. By understanding us, after just a handful of showings, Eric was able to help us buy the house we had long sought. From negotiations to closing, Eric kept us informed and guided us through the entire house-buying process. He continuously proved courteous and eager to make our purchase go smoothly and efficiently. Most importantly, we had confidence and trust in Eric. He was straightforward, candid, and honest with us about what he thought about each property. He was always available and helpful, and we felt that he truly had our best interests at heart. Even now, more than a month after closing, Eric still cheerfully provides knowledge and ideas when we contact him for suggestions as we settle into our beautiful home. Overall, we were very pleased with our experience and would happily recommend Eric and Elite3 Team to family and friends.


We are very glad that we have chosen Elite3 and Team to sell my house in Milton. Working with Elite3 is the right decision we made after interviewing some top realtors in the area. First, Elite3 made over $200 million transaction records with more than 150 houses in one single calendar year. After analyzing the ‘days on market’ with the listing vs. selling price from their sales records, we believe they can target the proper equilibrium between supply and demand while also leave room for premium. We believe this is a good indication of quality and quantity in what they offer. During my interview with other agents, it seems that we normally get to talk to the key person at the beginning, but the rest of the selling activity will be handled by someone else. Elite 3 owners are keen to do things by themselves. We feel much more comfortable with this personalized level of reliability and security. Apart from the impressive records and professional attitudes, we also evaluated their competencies in negotiation. We perceive communication with them is always established with well-balanced rational and emotional handling. The flow of communication is engaging, friendly and progressive to the key points. In fact, I personally believe Grace/Eric may do an equally good job if she/he wants to teach a Business Communication class. End of the story, my house was sold firm in 3 days over asking in cold January.


I had many relators but Elite 3 is the best! They helped me to sold and buy houses. Fantastic service. Very professional and paitient. Alyways ready to answer my questions. Highly recommended! 


Sabrina was an amazing realtor. Throughout the whole selling process, she was reliable, patient, and a true initiative-driven problem-solver: from viewing the house with Pam for the first time and being amazed by how much damage the tenant made; to having a hard time to get the keys from them; to fixing the house to look like new again; to receiving the offers and negotiating a killer price and closing date; to fixing additional damages caused by the tenants; to checking the condition of the house on a weekly basis; to all the way through closing. If it weren't for Sabrina, my house would have been sold much under the market rate, due to the problems left by my tenant. I 100% recommend her and the team.


The Elite 3 (Sabrina, Grace and Eric) are the best agents in Oakville, hands down. I know this sounds like hyperbole but I have been involved in the buying and selling of houses for the last 25 years and was so impressed with the way they handled themselves while they were the buyer's agent on a house that I was selling that I decided to meet with them to see if i would use them on the next house I bought and sold (which is my business). I was blown away with their professionalism and more importantly, their integrity. They genuinely want the best for their clients, not the norm for most agents who are really out just to sell the houses at any cost. The Elite 3 often counsel me to turn down offers that they feel are not deserving of an acceptance even at the cost of a quick sale for themselves. They have gone out of their way with even the smallest details of a move: buying and bringing us boxes, reminding us of tiny details that others don't notice and generally having our best interests in mind. I would not hesitate to recommend them and would be happy to chat with any potential clients that need an assurance from an unsolicited third party. They are the best agents because they are all genuinely good people. If I ever became agent, I would beg to intern with them just to learn from the best.


Grace and the Elite3 Team have provided great service throughout the entire process of selling our home. They're responsiveness has been amazing, helpful and professional.




They are very professional and experienced team. My house got sold within 2 days and over asking price. They also provided free staging and deep cleaning services.


Eric is a knowledgeable and excellent negotiator. I trusted him many times and he did not disappoint. Highly recommended!


Can't say enough about Elite3. From the very beginning to the final stages they went above and beyond our expectations. We sold our house and bought our new home through them and could not be happier with the results. Loved working with Eric and the team.


After a disappointing experience with another famous Oakville agent, we were very stressed. After research and reading raving reviews, we decided to choose Elite3 team to sell our house. We contacted Eric Chen and were very impressed by his professionalism. They are very well organized, efficient and very patient to address all our concerns. Eric guided us throughout the process. Staging and photography was top notch! Impressive marketing strategy and professional negotiation skills. Highly recommend! Thank you Eric and Elite3 team.




Sabrina, Eric and Grace of the Elite 3 & Team were great to work with, very professional, diligent and organized. From the outset they outlined and executed plan that was thorough and, conducted in a very timely manner. Everything was first class; from the staging to the photographer and posting on their website, as well the open houses and showings. They worked very effectively as a team and were in regular contact throughout the entire process. It was obvious they were very familiar with the market including potential buyers. We were very pleased at how effective their efforts were in getting us multiple offers within a few days of listing. They exceeded our expectations as we were not expecting such quick results.

Melissa & Andrew

Andrew and I just wanted to say that we are so happy with the services provided by yourself, Eric and your team. You made us feel comfortable and confident throughout the process and you were able to share great advice.  We are so happy with the results (quick sale and over asking price!).  We will absolutely recommend you to our friends and family. Thank you!

D. N.

Thanks for taking the extra mile to deliver the unexpected service! You Rock! I'm very happy that I selected the Elite3 Team. We should have a coffee before open house!

M. Z.

我家房子去年黄金9月上市60天,无Serious Offer。在这我就只能呵呵了,不想再做任何评价。






We cannot thank you enough for the truly amazing experience of selling our home through the Elite 3.  It is not often that one has an experience so exceptional they feel compelled to share it with the world.    We have sold many homes over the years, but the recent experience working with the Elite 3 was beyond exceptional.  Grace, Eric and Sabrina— you  are extremely hardworking and knowledgeable about the market and provide a level of service far beyond what we have ever experienced.  From the Marketing plan, pricing strategy, staging and cleaning… we received all of this from Elite 3 as a fully managed service with minimal disruption to our lives.  I cannot stress enough how much we appreciate how hard you worked for us, the calm confidence you exude and the pride you take in your work.  And the results speak for themselves.  Our house sold within 3 days at a record price thanks to this hard work.  We would highly recommend working with Grace, Eric and Sabrina for any real estate considerations.  It truly was a pleasure. Thank you.


高度推荐地产三友团队, 服务周到,业务精湛,房子仅用2周便以预想的价格售出,staging和摄影团队非常专业。


We have used Elite3 and Team to buy and sell a couple of our homes. This is the best realtor team you could ask for. So knowledgeable of the market, very organized and have impeccable follow through as well. They are there for you for all aspects of selling or buying your home, including staging, open houses, and answering any questions you have. All aspects of their service is 5 stars. Their work ethic is so impressive, and they are kind and humble too. They really help you feel confident in your decisions which is so valuable when the real estate market can be tricky and unpredictable!


Many thanks to Grace and Eric for selling our house. We were two very different owners looking to sell a property that had been in the family for 33 years. Grace very skillfully and professionally handled the emotional aspects we encountered in letting go of the house. She quickly stepped in to smooth over challenges during the set up process while Eric provided exactly the right strategy to successfully sell the house in 7 days. All parties were please with the outcome. One aspect of the Elite3 team approach that helped us thru the daunting task of decluttering was their service coordination. Elite3 organized a calendar for us and arranged all the services we needed in order to list the house. This saved us a lot of time and effort so we could focus on the personal task of saying goodbye to mementos. Elite3 was professional throughout and I am happy to recommend their service.


We couldn’t say thank you more to Sabrina, Richard and their whole amazing team! Our condo was sold in a week. We were very impressed by their professional work. They are always well organized, efficient and also very patient to address all our concerns. Everything was perfect and we are really satisfied with the whole process. Highly recommend!


We found Eric, Sabrina and their team members to be very professional, courteous and extremely efficient. Hands down we would not hesitate recommending them to anyone.


We want to thank Sabrina and the Elite3 and Team in helping sell our house. There are a lot of unexpected issues right before the closing. Several times, we have to call Sabrina around midnight, she is so patient to answer our questions and help to solve the problems. We cannot imagine, without their professional guidance and expertise, it will be successfully closing on time. We are so lucky to choose Sabrina and her team to be our agent. For sure, we will hire them again in the future and will recommend the Elite3 and Team to anyone that we know if they want to have their homes sold smoothly. Thank you Sabrina for your professional services!


The Elite 3 team were a pleasure to deal with.


Our house was sold in just one week by Elite3 and team in the buyer's market (April 2019), for the price exceeding our expectation. It was really comfortable and pleasant working with the top realtors Grace and Eric. Grace is an expert of renovation. With her advice, our house looked completely refreshed and upgraded, which attracted a lot of offers. Eric works for the best interests of the client, and his negotiation skills, confidence and experience far exceeded our expectation. Plus, the staging manager Teresa made our house more beautiful. Last but not least, all the Elite3 team is very professional and highly efficient. Their hard work really impressed us. From the second we signed the contract, everything in the process went smoothly as planned, or even better than planned, including renovation, staging, marketing, showing, open house, and SOLD! The stressful journey of selling a house became a fun one that we enjoyed! We made a great choice of working with Elite3 and team. And I would not hesitate to work with them again. Highly recommended!


My condo was sold in a week thanks to Grace, Helen and their amazing team. Elite3 and Team far exceeded our expectation. Grace and Helen were very prompt in addressing any of our questions and concerns. They helped our sale move smoothly and stress-free. I will definitely be using them for my future real estate needs. I highly recommend this well organized and extremely efficient team. Thanks again Grace/Helen for all your help!!! All the very best to you and your team. Regards


“There are three groups in the Real Estate business. The few that make things happen, the many who watch things happen and the overwhelming majority who have no idea what happened”. This is the story of one of the gifted few -Elite 3 & Team. Having failed to accomplish our mission of selling our property last year, Sabrina and Team being actively involved in the neighborhood, approached us with a rather unique value-proposition unlike anything else we’ve heard before at least from 6 other relators: “ your house was overpriced and if we are to serve you, you need to drop the price by a hefty margin”. Less than a month later we managed to accomplish the mission with a slightly below the asking price. Over time, we found the team to possess the following qualities: Authenticity – they practiced what they preached and nothing less Attention to detail – small details before bigger ones have been taken care of, including personalized staging, every showing and open house visit Perseverance & tactfulness – when exclusive listing didn’t yield results, an overnight strategy change achieved favourable closure in less than 2 weeks Cultural awareness – it was both refreshing and impressive to see how Sabrina and her team managed to accommodate cultural indifference to assure us of their respect and understanding of our ethos whilst not being intimidated by the selling process Notwithstanding the above, what stood apart from anything else was the Team’s feedback savvy and calmness during difficult times. We received almost 99% feedback following each showing being private and/or open house. Sabrina’s follow up tenacity coupled with calm and resolve, it certainly helped us to manage our expectations through to fulfilment. Whether you are selling and/or buying property, make sure you choose one of the gifted few. If Elite 3 & Team is your choice- congratulations your mission is accomplished.


Mr. Richard Wang from this team assisted my wife and I purchase our first home. His professionality, patience, and passion made this experience quite pleasant. With his help, we finally found the place at a perfect location, with an appropriate size, and under our budget. Richard never pushed us to make any decision, only provided his professional opinions with facts and details. Overall, Richard did a great job as a real estate agent on our home purchase, we have no hesitation recommending him and his team to anyone.


Eric와 Elite 3팀은 탁월한 서비스, 최고의 팀워크, 전문적인 스테이징으로 골고루 갖춘 팀입니다. 집을 늦게 listing해서 걱정 많이 했엇는데 끝까지 책임지고 판매에 힘써준 Eric 과 그의 팀에게 감사드립니다. 모든 분들에게 이 팀을 추천합니다!!!


My wife and I worked with Richard and his team in June 2018 to purchase our first home. Our experience has been nothing but pleasant. Richard was sure to consider our budget, location and size preferences and at no point in time tried to push us toward something we did not want. Despite a slow start and a couple of failed offers, Richard was patient and remained positive throughout our house hunt. When we finally found a home we were happy with, Richard helped us negotiate the price down beyond our expectations and even negotiated additional benefits for us. Overall, our experience with Richard was great and we have no reservations recommending him and his team to anyone.


I've purchased the condo in downtown with the young man Kai from Elite3&Team this winter. Kai is really caring, warm-hearted and make the whole transaction very smooth and get us a perfect home. My family didn't need to worry about anything including searching the property, keep update the market best info all the time and to the last day we got the keys, Kai introduce us the whole buying process before we sign the documents to work with him, after he showed us a couple putting offer strategies which we didn't even think about it. In the meanwhile, he also introduces us some great mortgage advisors and lawyers to help our transaction move smoothly, such a great experience with Kai ever!


Our house was sold within 1 week by Eric, Grace and their team! That's amazing and exceeded our expectations, especially on this buyer's market. Saved us a lot of money and Time. Everything was perfect. We are really satisfied with their essential advice, stunning staging&photography, efficient organization, successful marketing strategy and professional negotiation skills. Thank you Elite3 & team! Highly recommend!!!

Mr. He

Richard Wang的工作效率及工作态度值得欣赏,你们是个好团队👍

Carl & Susan

We couldn't say thank you more to Grace and her team ! Since the beginning of 2018, Grace has been working with us for our property sale. From January to August, we had been having many changes about which property should be sold first, but Grace had been very nice and patient all the time and considerate to us always. While the property was still in rent, she was trying to make good communication with the tenants and updated their status with her suggestion to us. While the property was available to be renovated, she helped to find an excellent renovation team and gave the instrumental advice to get the house renovated beautifully! Before the property went to market, Grace and her team did the staging and lots of other preparation..... While the conditional buyer couldn't go further because of mortgage not being approved, Grace immediately contacted other potential buyer agents whether it's daytime or evening, and tried her best to protect our interest...... Our house is sold within 3 weeks even it is such a difficult selling market! We really appreciate Grace and her professional team and highly recommend working with them!


Eric, Grace and Sabrina exceeded our expectations in the selling of our house. They were well-researched, organized, highly efficient and always supported us, no matter what we faced. Not just in their words, but in their actions too. They are kind and smart and a pleasure to deal with. And they really know their stuff. We appreciate all they did for us very much. Highly recommend!!


Selling and buying a home at the same time could be extremely stressful, especially when both happened in two cities six hundred kilometres apart. What could be worse was, your mover insisted that they come and finish picking up by 3 PM and will deliver the next day at 8 AM. To be available to present in person at all critical events (ie. docs signings, closings, moving and receiving, etc.) was almost mission impossible. Nonetheless, I still managed to squeak by, only with my emergency squad and the best agent one can get, Mr. Kai Deng from Elite3 & Team, to cover my back whenever I need. Mr. Deng is gentle, patient and diligent, deemed highly professionally trained. He answered my calls and delivered promises always on time, smoothing out generous difficulties through the process. Last but not least, Ms. Grace Chang, the listing agent and partner of the firm, whom I didn’t meet until the closing of the deal. I believe Ms. Chang contributed dearly to the success of the deal by coordinating all parties with professional advice and guiding toward an all-win result. Best wishes to the team for an everlasting prosperous future.


Thank you to the Elite3 team for your professionalism, excellent service and team approach to selling my home. Much appreciated.


It was an amazing and pleasant experience dealing with a professional, dedicated, caring, helpful and friendly team. We were lucky to work with you. Everything was perfect and we are really satisfied with the whole process. Staging was stunning and the attention to detail in the small things made a big difference. I definitely recommend this team if you want a stress-free experience. Thank you Sabrina, Eric and your whole team for all your effort and hard work. We would gladly work with you in the future.


EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!!! I highly recommend Elite3 if you are looking for professional brokerage assistance with your property in Joshua Creek. Not only do they take the time to do their homework even before being assigned the job; they are professional, committed, dedicated, organized, structured, very approachable, honest and beyond all very pleasant to work with. I was impressed by their ability to get passed trivial matters that contribute little to the process and their capability to organize, market, set up a full house listing in less than 48 hours! their guidance before, during and after the process is completed is beyond SUPREME! They have a full-fledged team that cover all particulars of the transaction each of whom takes care of the smallest detail and who ensures that you are not just an extra client, but rather tailor their approach to accommodate your needs, family commitments and requests. Our house was sold to our utmost satisfaction in just a few days from being listed within the parameters of our expectations :):) What more can we ask for??!!!! We sincerely wish you all the best Elite 3!!!! Your hard work will only bring you more success, that is for sure!!! Very glad we worked with you!


Very professional, efficient and knowledgeable team. Loved working with them!


The trustworthy high-performance team provides end-to-end services. Still remember the first time we met with Grace and Eric. They are the first AND last realtor group we have interviewed. Hard to explain, they have gained our trust right away, literally the moment we saw Grace and Eric. Later, it was proven that we have made the right decision at that time. We signed the sales agreement by the end of February. Elite3 team has completed tough up, repaint, staging, online interactive tour and brochure preparation within 10 days. We had our first open house in early March, which we are very happy with the efficiency. Timing was not ideal for Oakville home seller during the first half of 2018. The market was very slow. It is a big challenge to maintain the trust between the realtor and client during the market downturn, which we believe Elite3 team have done a good job. They have demonstrated their professionalism, orientation to details and helped us to achieve our goal. Here, a special thanks to Elite3 team member Kai Deng, a brilliant, down to the earth young man with huge potential who brought us good luck when we needed most. Great team to work with and this team can ONLY get better every day.


This is a fantastic team. I know them personally and I have every confidence that they will give you their absolute best service and advice.


very professional team, trustworthy


We are very glad that we picked Elite3. The efficiency is their trademark. Everything is done smoothly according to the plan. The whole selling process became a fun process with minimum pressure on us. They also have great communication skills. It is always easy to talk to the team and express your concerns. In addition, they got great negotiation skills. They will fight for you even when you want to give up. Highly recommended!


Big thanks to Elite3 & Team helped us moving forward next stage of our life. We got excellent services and advise at the beginning to the end. We really like elite3 team’s approach, very professional and efficient. They always check to make sure everything is okay and communications. They sold our home highest price in the area, we couldn’t be more happy with Elite3&team and definitely will recommend to our friends or family who needs real estate helps.
Happy New Year Team All The Best 2018!


One of the greatest teamwork ever witnessed. Detailed planning ahead. Professional throughout. Excellent follow-up services for tailoring customer's requests. No doubt highly recommend Elite 3! Best wishes to their continued success!


We had a great experience with our real estate agent, Eric. He has helped us with three deals. He is incredibly knowledgeable. He likes to work with attention to details. He knows the tiniest changes sellers can make to improve the sale-ability of their home. Eric and his team are very creative with their MLS listings and they take the best photographs of our home. He sold our house for the highest price in the neighbourhood. Eric is also very honest with us. He would lay out exactly what we can expect, from the sale price to timing and more. That saves us a lot of worries. We definitely would recommend Eric and his team to everyone we know.


This is very professional, responsible and diligent team with strong negotiation skills. They are really patient and friendly. They have a very professional staging team who did an excellent staging for my house. This made a great contribution to a fast sale of the house with a price which I was so happy with. They are very detail oriented and they thought about everything for me. I would strongly recommend the Elite3 team to everyone who is looking for realtor services. Thanks, Elite3 team and you are the best!


They have been my agent since 2016 and helped me to buy and sell a couple of homes. They are very professional, well-organized, responsive and make the most honest and experienced suggestions. And they always try their best to maintain our relationship. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who is willing to buy or sell homes.


Eric and his team are very professional and knowledgeable, with their help, our house sold in a few days with more than asking price. Would definitely recommend him to everyone and definitely will use their service again. Thank you, Eric and his team.


We sold our Oakville house in 2017 through the Elite 3 Team and were very satisfied with the selling price, their dedication to our sale, all the work they did to enhance the marketability of our house and their professional service. They have an excellent understanding of the local real estate market as well as the Asian home purchaser segment. We confidently endorse the Elite3 Team.


I knew very little about the home buying process, but Eric helped me through the entire process. Everything went so smoothly! He explained everything to me throughout the process. I have already recommended Elite 3 And Team to someone and I will use your services in the future if I need another Realtor. Thank you!


I highly recommend Sabrina and their team, everyone was professional, friendly, and caring and they were beyond and above everything you imagine about selling your house.

It was my first time and I was nervous as I had two little children, 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son. Selling a house could be stressful at any time but it was a little scary in Fall 2017 because the market kept fluctuating and changing rapidly every day. I worried that it would go into winter without selling. When I met Elite3 team though, the worry dissipated, they were so good at knowing market situations in specific areas of Oakville and GTA and knew what to do and how to do it right. They were so knowledgeable and honest with us, giving us best guidance and advice time to time as the market fluctuated and kept supporting us through. They knew exactly what my concerns were, they took care of moving out our furniture, staging, painting and moving in all so smoothly and worry-free. Sabrina gave me confidence from beginning to the end and that everything went smoothly and nicely. It was not an easy process but we had accomplished everything that we wanted. Sabrina was always discussing choices and helped us make the right decision, I felt I was never lost as she was always there to consult.

Selling our first house ended up a very pleasant experience. Today we finally closed our house and she worked professionally until the last minute of closing. Now looking back, every single person from this team was nice and helpful. We are very happy to have worked with Elite3 and team and we highly recommend them to anyone who wants to work with one of the best team.


Thank you Elite 3 team for helping my family bought a wonderful dream house in 2017. ALSO, THE Old one Sold So FAST AND much over asking price. Our family were so happy and enjoyed the new home. I WILL STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU to my other friends.


Very professional and great after sales service. Thank you!


The Elite3 team are the best real estate agents I have known. Very professional, excellent service and they are all very nice people.


Received outstanding service beyond our expectation, very professional, reliable and detailed in every way, very happy to have them as realtors, we would recommend them anytime🤗😉


Very professional and friendly team! They care about their clients and are excellent to work with.


I sold my house with them at the record-breaking price in the neighbourhood. Will recommend to people that I know.


Awesome team providing awesome service, very effective Negotiators, superb results!

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We were very happy to work with Eric of Elite3 Team. We met Eric at an open house in the neighborhood in which we were interested.

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